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Design for Safety for Professionals Course (previously known as Design for Safety Coordinator (DfSC) Course)

The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) is the Accredited Training Provider approved by the Ministry of Manpower to conduct DfSP Course where suitable participants upon successful completion would be certified as Design for Safety for Professionals Course (previously known as Design for Safety Coordinator (DfSC) Course) for construction building projects.


The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) is the Accredited Training Organisation approved by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to conduct training for Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) “Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan" (Total: 15 hours) which replaced the “Risk Management Course (Total: 14 hours)”, with effect from January 2013.


Easy-to-use project management softwares are now available to help contractors plan, control and evaluate their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2017 Essentials

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most promising developments in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. BIM Technology has been identified as a key driver to improve work processes among all project stakeholders and it is mandatory for all Regulatory Submission Sinc 2015. Hence, Construction Practitioners will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of BIM.

Autodesk Revit MEP 2016 Essentials

Autodesk® Revit® MEP software is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers, providing purpose-built tools for building systems design and analysis. BIM Technology has been identified as a key driver to improve work processes among all project stakeholders and it is mandatory for all Regulatory Submission since 2015. Hence, Construction Practitioners will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of BIM.

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[OCT] 26 - Built Environment Summit 2017 "Construction in the Future Economy"

The Singapore Contractors Association and SCAL Academy will be organizing a One-day Built Environment Summit with the theme “Construction in the Future Economy” on 26 October 2017 in conjunction with BuildTech Asia 2017. This Summit will bring together leaders across the built environment value chain to share perspectives on the respective roles as Singapore prepares for the future economy. Discussions will centre on the report, “The Future of Construction” by the World Economic Forum as well as the “Construction Industry Transformation Roadmap” developed by Singapore’s Committee on the Future Economy which covers areas on productivity, innovation, regulations, collaboration and internationalisation.

[ SEPT] 26 - Construction Disputes - Part 1 - An introduction, 9am - 1pm

This course gives an overview of the nature of construction disputes and the various options of dispute resolution processes for construction projects.

[ SEPT] 26 - Construction Disputes - Part 2 - Dispute Resolution Processes, 2pm - 6pm

Construction projects comprise a diversity of interests of many parties including the developer, main contractor, sub-contractors and professionals which interact to create a completed project. Inevitably, over time, there can be disputes and disagreement about the interpretation of terms and conditions of the contracts including indemnity clause, extension of time and progressive payments, etc. If not resolved in time, the disputes and disagreement can become very costly in terms of time lost, opportunity costs, legal costs, etc.

[ SEPT] 27 - Mandarin Session - Design Written Employment Contract with Mandatory KET (Key-Employment Terms) Elements, 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Come 1 April 2017, companies that failed to issue employment contract that contains Key-Employment Terms (KET) will be penalized under the law. The Employment Act was amended in April 2016 that require companies to issue written employment contract to all employees covered under the Singapore’s Employment Act. The requirement stated that the written employment contract shall contain the mandatory key employment terms (KET). This half-day workshop helps company’s Management and HR personnel prepare for the new requirement. During the workshop, the other two requirements that will also be shared are ‘Itemised Payslip’ and ‘Record Keeping’. Together with the KETs, these are the three new changes in the Employment Act

[ SEPT] 28 - Fair Grievance Handling, 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Treating employees with respect, and adopt fair and responsible employment practices in the workplace provides the organization with a strong foundation for developing and raising employees’ performance level. To start with, a fair grievance handling mechanism is the key to ensuring that grievances are handled in an appropriate and fair manner The whole idea of handling grievances is not to solely to discipline employees but rather to educate them and ensure that their grievances are resolved applicably so that they are able to fully concentrate on their work. Having a grievance handling mechanism, also allows an employer to objectively hear and process grievances in a prompt and effective manner.

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[ SEPT] 28 ~ 29 - 2 Day Behavioral Safety for Static & Dynamic Settings, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Most accidents are caused by unsafe practices. Despite the health and safety management system, safe work procedures, engineering controls and permit-to-work system, controlling unsafe practices can be difficult. This course offers a way to reduce the incidence of unsafe practices by modifying people’s behaviors, improving their attitudes towards a conscious culture, integrate behavioral safety program into health and safety management system.

[ OCT] 02 - Construction Adjudication and Settlement, 10.00am - 5.00pm

Participants would have developed the necessary skills and technique to settle construction disputes. Participants will be given many practical exercises and guidelines in how best to settle construction disputes. By the end of the course, participants would have a clear picture as to how to find a solution for the disputes in question. Many practical examples will be used and key points will be discussed.

[ OCT] 05 - Understanding Contract and Construction Law for the Construction Industry, 10am - 5pm

It is a well-known fact, having good knowledge of contract and construction is essential for most companies. Knowledge of how construction and contract law operates is important in appreciating the consequences, when contracts are signed or interpreted. The course well teach key contract principles, construction principles, and how construction law deals with payment, variation and other issues

[ OCT] 06 - Understanding Adjudication under the Security of Payment (SOP) Act, 9.30am - 5.30pm

Singapore has legislation relating to Security of Payment. This legislation is about a process to deal with disputed payments for work done and/or supplies provided in the building and construction industry. This Act came into effect on 1 April 2005 and affects virtually everyone involved in the Construction Industry. The workshop will help participant to understand the complexity and mechanism of this Act in order to make sure the requirements are met. Failure to understand or issue complying Payment Responses or Approvals may give rise to the opportunity for contractors and parties providing related goods and services under construction contracts to initiate adjudication procedures to enforce prompt payment.

[ OCT] 09, 10 and 11 - Drafting Construction Contracts, Handling Difficult Contractual Issues and Resolving Them, 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Drafting construction contracts is no longer a key task. It is no longer just cutting key clauses from other templates, or using other borrowed clauses from other contracts. The course will teach those who are involved in contract drafting, and how to manage the contractual and legal issues.

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