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Corporate History

The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL)

Formerly known as the Singapore Chinese Contractors Association formed in 1937, SCAL started out with 30 Chinese contractors. After a series of significant events, the Association became known as the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL). The Association currently resides within her own building, the Construction House which was built in 1984. For more details on SCAL, visit their site here.

SCAL Academy Pte Ltd

SCAL Academy Pte Ltd was created as SCAL's third subsidiary. Formed in 2009, SCAL Academy serves as an extension to SCAL's objective, to improve the standards and promoting the development of the construction industry in Singapore. SCAL Academy started out with providing courses for selected positions within the industry. SCAL Academy is currently expanding and diversifying into areas outside of safety courses. For more details on SCAL Academy, feel free to browse through our website.