Common Ladder Hazards

Common Ladder Hazards in Singapore Workplaces

When it comes to workplace safety in Singapore, it is crucial to understand and mitigate the risks associated with working at heights. Ladders are commonly used for various tasks, but they can pose serious hazards if not used properly. This article highlights some of the common ladder hazards in Singapore workplaces, in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Act.


1. Improper Ladder Selection and Inspection

Choosing the right ladder for the job is essential. Ladders should be selected based on their intended use, load capacity, and stability. Before each use, workers must inspect ladders for any defects, such as broken rungs, loose hinges, or damaged side rails. Regular maintenance and proper storage are also essential to ensure ladder safety.


2. Incorrect Ladder Placement

Proper ladder placement is crucial to prevent accidents. Ladders should be positioned on stable and level ground. Workers should ensure that the ladder is fully extended and locked in place before climbing. Placing ladders on uneven surfaces or using unstable objects to support them can lead to slips, falls, and serious injuries.


3. Overreaching and Overloading

Overreaching is a common mistake that can lead to falls. Workers should always keep their center of gravity within the ladder's side rails and avoid leaning too far to reach objects. Additionally, ladders have weight limits that must be strictly followed. Overloading a ladder with excessive weight can cause it to collapse or become unstable.


4. Inadequate Ladder Training

Proper training is vital for anyone working with ladders. Workers should receive comprehensive training on ladder usage, safety precautions, and the correct techniques for ascending and descending. SCAL Academy offers a Manage Work at Height Course that provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills to ensure safe ladder usage.


5. Insufficient Fall Protection Measures

When working at heights, fall protection measures are crucial. Workers should use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses, when working on ladders above certain heights. Guardrails and toe boards may also be necessary to prevent falls. Adequate fall protection training should be provided to all workers involved in work at heights, including the Perform Work at Height Course offered by SCAL Academy.



Preventing ladder hazards is essential for maintaining a safe working environment in Singapore. By selecting the right ladder, ensuring proper placement, avoiding overreaching and overloading, providing adequate training, and implementing appropriate fall protection measures, employers can significantly reduce the risk of ladder-related accidents. Remember, safety should always be a top priority in the workplace.

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