The Difference Between Standard First Aid and Occupational First Aid

The Difference Between Standard First Aid and Occupational First Aid

In Singapore, workplace safety and health are governed by the Workplace Safety and Health Act. One important aspect of ensuring a safe working environment is having proper first aid provisions. There are two main types of first aid training available: standard first aid and occupational first aid.


Standard First Aid

Standard first aid is a basic level of training that equips individuals with the necessary skills to provide immediate assistance and care in common emergency situations. It covers techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), wound dressing, bandaging, and handling minor injuries like cuts and burns.

Standard first aid courses are widely available in Singapore and are suitable for individuals who want to learn essential life-saving skills. They are often recommended for the general public, including schools, community organizations, and workplaces where the risk of injuries or accidents is relatively low.


Occupational First Aid

Occupational first aid is specifically tailored to address workplace hazards and emergencies. It goes beyond the scope of standard first aid and includes additional training on specific work-related injuries and illnesses. This type of training is required by the Workplace Safety and Health Act for workplaces where the risk of injuries or accidents is higher, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, and high-risk industries.

Occupational first aid training covers topics such as managing traumatic injuries, chemical exposures, heat-related illnesses, and other workplace-specific medical emergencies. Participants learn advanced techniques such as spinal immobilization, the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and assessing and stabilizing serious injuries.

SCAL Academy offers a comprehensive Occupational First Aid Course that equips participants with the necessary skills to handle workplace emergencies effectively and safely. The course provides in-depth knowledge and practical training to ensure individuals are prepared to respond to a wide range of occupational hazards and incidents.

SCAL Academy's Occupational First Aid Refresher Course is designed for individuals who already hold a valid Occupational First Aid certificate and need to undergo regular refresher training to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date.



Both standard first aid and occupational first aid play vital roles in maintaining workplace safety and health. Standard first aid is suitable for general emergency situations, while occupational first aid is specifically designed for high-risk workplaces as mandated by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Act.

By enrolling in the appropriate first aid training course, individuals can contribute to a safer working environment and be prepared to respond to emergencies with confidence and competence.

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