A Practical Approach of Negotiating EOT and Retention Monies for Settlements Between Main Contractors and Sub Contractors

A Practical Approach of Negotiating EOT and Retention Monies for Settlements Between Main Contractors and Sub Contractors

Course Introduction

This course is designed to provide an overview of the concepts of Extension of Time (EOT) and Retention Monies in the construction industry.

The course will cover the definitions and practical implications of EOT and Retention monies can be resolved Main Contractors and Sub Contractors

Participants will learn how to effectively navigate and resolve EOT and Retention Monies more effectively in the working environment.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to EOT and its Structure

  • EOT Claims and its Management

  • Contractual Provision on EOT Applications In Standard Form Contractors

  • EOT Claims and Extensions Claims Between Main Contractor and Sub Contractors

  • Resolving Retention and resolving issues amicably between main contractor and sub contractor

  • SOP Act and Retention Monies provision discussion in brief

  • Case studies and Implications


Course Outcome

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand the concepts and structures of Extension of Time (EOT) and Retention Monies within the construction industry.

  • Navigate the complexities of EOT claims management and the contractual provisions for EOT applications in standard form contracts.

  • Implement effective strategies for negotiating and resolving disputes related to EOT and Retention Monies between main contractors and sub-contractors.

  • Apply the knowledge of the SOP Act to manage and discuss Retention Monies provisions effectively.

  • Analyze and learn from real-life case studies to better handle the implications and practical challenges of EOT claims and Retention Monies.

  • Develop skills to resolve related issues amicably and efficiently, enhancing overall project management and contractor relationships.


Target Audience

  • Practitioners of the real estate, building and construction industry such as developers, quantity surveyors, managing agents, project managers, superintending officers

  • Architects, engineers, construction managers, building managers, contracts managers

  • Building contractors and sub-contractors including specialist contractors and suppliers of construction materials and products.


Course Fees (Incl GST)

SCAL Member Fee: $165.00

CIJC Member and Non-member Fee: $200.00


Speaker Profile

David Shanmugam

Mr. David Shanmugam has many years of legal practice in the private sector and is presently working in a legal firm. He is also an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

He regularly conducts legal seminars and workshops for Directors, HR and Finance professionals on business and company law as well as various practical legal issues faced by corporate individuals. His forte is in the field of corporate and commercial drafting of contracts, including commercial company matters. Over the years, he has also conducted many in-house trainings for high profile corporate clients.

David has an LLB (Honours) from the University of London and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Victoria University.

Course Duration

1.0 Day Course

  • Training Hours – 3.0 hours

  • Assessment Hours – 0 hours

Medium Of Instruction

  • English

Funding Information

This webinar is not eligible for funding.


Course Brochure

A Practical Approach of Negotiating EOT and Retention Monies for Settlements Between Main Contractors and Sub Contractors



An e-Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participant who complete the course with 100% attendance. 



A notice of replacement / postponement together with the full particulars of the new participant (for replacement) must be given to us AT LEAST 3 working days before course commencement. A charge of S$50 (replacement) or S$100 (postponement) will be imposed on such changes. 



A notice of cancellation must be given at least 3 working days before commencement of the course and 50% of course fee will be charged /returned. If notice is given less than 3 working days before the first day of the course, there will be no refund/100% charged.


Special Class

Available upon request.


For more information, please contact Ms Weixuan at 67939020 or email weixuan@scal-academy.com.sg.

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