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Frequently Asked Questions

About SCAL Academy

1.     What is SCAL Academy?

SCAL Academy was established in 2009 by The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. (SCAL) to develop and conduct training courses, seminars and workshops for the construction industry. In terms of experience, we have been conducting Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) courses for the construction industry as an MOM Accredited Training Provider since the early 1990s.

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2.     Where is SCAL Academy located?

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3.     How do I get to SCAL Academy?

Nearest MRT is Outram Park MRT.

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4.     What are the opening hours for SCAL Academy?

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SCAL Academy – Courses, Workshops and Seminars


1.  How long is my certificate valid for after passing the WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health for Construction Sites (CSOC)?

For Singaporeans and Permanent Resident (PR), if their working experience in the construction industry is 6 years or more, the CSOC pass will be valid for 4 years. Otherwise, the validity is for 2 years.

For foreign workers, the period of validity will depend on the records held with Ministry of Manpower (MOM).


2.     Do I get a certificate as well as ID pass after passing the exam?

Participants will be awarded a certificate and ID card upon completing and passing the course exam. 


3.     How long after the exam can we know the result?

The results will be ready for collection, ranging between 2 - 3 weeks after taking the exam. We will mail out by normal mail once ready.


4.     Can we have the certificate delivered to us?

Yes. However, you will have to notify us in writing and there is no guaranteed delivery to your address unless prior arrangement is made between your given address and the courier.


5.     I have lost my certificate. Can I get another copy?

Yes. Duplicate certificates are available at a cost of S$50 per copy.


6.     Are there any examinations for courses conducted by SCAL Academy?

There are examinations/ assessments for most of SCAL Academy courses. Browse through our training courses here.


7.     How can I be eligible to sit for the examination?

Only participants with at least 75% attendance or stipulated otherwise will be eligible to sit for the examination. Participants who are late for more than 30 minutes will not be allowed to sit for examination.


8.     Are your courses conducted in other languages besides English?

Yes, we conduct Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites (CSOC) in 6 different languages besides English. Our Work-at-Height Course for Workers are also available in 3 different languages besides English. Also, we conduct the Supervise Construction Work for WSH (BCSS), Formwork Safety Course for Supervisors (FSCS), Metal Scaffold Erection Course (MSEC) in Mandarin. Find out more about our courses here.

9.     Do you conduct courses on a weekend?

Yes! We currently conduct courses such as BCSS and WSQ Advanced Cert in WSH on Saturdays and Sundays.


10.   Can SCAL Academy conduct the safety courses at our project office?

Yes, we can. However, that would be subjected to prior approval by the Authority.


11.   Besides safety courses, do you conduct other courses or workshops?

Yes. We conduct other construction related courses and workshops. Please look out for our updates via our website or subscribe to our mailing list found on our homepage to get updates on all our courses, seminars and workshops.


12.   How can I give feedback on your courses?

You can drop us an email at We will try our best to respond by the next working day.

13.   Are the safety courses conducted at SCAL Academy recognised?

Yes! All our safety courses that are accredited by MOM are recognised and accepted in Singapore.

14.   Are all courses conducted at SCAL Academy?

SCAL Academy conducts more than just courses. We also conduct workshops and seminars. Depending on the seating capacity, some workshops/ seminars may be held at SCAL Construction House. Click here for details on the location.


15.   How do I get more information about the courses available in SCAL Academy?

You can obtain more details via any one of the following options:

-     Call us at 6793 9020.

-     Browse through our courses, workshops and seminars online

-     Pick up our brochures at 164 Gul Circle, #01-14 JTC Space@Gul Circle Singapore 629621 or No. 1, Bukit Merah Lane 2, Construction House Singapore 159760.


16.   Who is eligible to sign up for SCAL Academy courses, workshops and seminars?

SCAL Academy courses, workshops and seminars are open to everybody. However, there are entry requirements for certain WSH courses. For more details, contact us here.


17.   How do I apply for SCAL Academy’s courses, workshops and seminars?

Download our registration form here. Fill in the required fields and submit it to us via email or post with the relevant documents required. Payment via cheques can be submitted by post to SCAL Academy Pte Ltd.

  1. After confirming my course date with SCAL Academy, am I allowed to withdraw? Will there be any penalties?

Yes, the administrative charges are as follows:

For cancellation of course - A notice of cancellation must be given at least 3 working days before commencement of the course for 50% of course fee to be returned. If notice is given less than 3 working days before the first day of the course, there will be no refund. Please note that the refund process will take at least one month.

For replacement/postponement of course - A notice of replacement / postponement together with the full particulars of the new participant (for replacement) must be given to us at least 3 working days before the course commencement. A charge of $50 (for replacement) or $100 (for postponement) will be imposed on such changes.

  1.   Will I be entitled to government funding?

Yes, individuals who are Singaporean or Singapore PR and / or sponsored by company are eligible for SSG Funding (for courses which are supported under SSG). To be eligible for the SSG funding, companies should submit training grant application via SkillsConnect. For assistance, please call SSG at 6785 5785 or log-on to for more information. All applications are subject to SSG's requirement and consideration. Application for funding must make payment via Cheque or GIRO to training provider.

  1.   Are all fees quoted inclusive of GST?

Yes. All fees quoted are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.

  1.   Do you offer group discount?

Yes! We will give discount on a case by case basis. Call us at 67939020 for more details.

  1.   What modes of payment are accepted for the courses?

SCAL Academy accepts payments made by Cheques, NETS, Cash and Internet Banking.

  1.   Does SCAL Academy accept partial upfront payments or in instalments?

No. All payments must be made in full upon application of the course. If payment is made by cheque, the cheque must reach SCAL Academy on the day of the course or anytime before that.


Membership Queries

  1. We are SLOTS Member. If we attend a seminar, will we meet one of the requirements for SLOTS Membership renewal?

Yes, if that seminar/ workshop is conducted in the current year of renewal.

  1. I attended SCAL Academy seminar/workshop last year. Have we met one of the requirements for SLOTS Membership renewal?

No. You need to attend one of our seminars/ workshops/ courses conducted in the same year of renewal for your membership.

  1. Last month, I attended a seminar conducted by ABC Academy, is it acceptable for SLOTS membership renewal?

Only attending seminars/ workshops organized by SCAL Academy will be accepted as one of the requirements for SLOTS membership renewal.

  1. Will attending the CSOC conducted by SCAL Academy be acceptable for SLOTS Membership renewal?

The CSOC is meant for worker /basic level. You have to attend courses that are at supervisory level and above to be qualified for SLOTS Membership renewal.

  1. Are all seminars free for SLOTS Members?

No. However, we do conduct free seminars from time to time. To be updated on the latest seminars/ workshops available, sign up for our e-newsletter.