Electrical Safety and Preventive Measures

Learn How to Prevent Electrical Accidents and Ensure Electrical Safety in the Workplace


Electric current in electrical installations serving connected equipment and appliances through wiring, switches, plugs and devices generate heat. Excessive or uncontrolled heat can start fires. Electrical fires are among the most dangerous forms of combustion as it can spread quickly and very often, in a short while, grow out of control. Besides, working with electricity can cause significant danger or harm if mishandled which could lead to electrical accidents caused by electrical shock or even electrocution. The consequences of these incidents are mostly serious which could lead to loss of lives, personal injuries and property damage.

Many avoidable electrical incidents can be traced to misuse of electrical components, overloading of electric circuits, poor maintenance, sub-standard electrical installation design and non-compliance with relevant laws and Regulations, etc. All these are contributing to the electrical safety risk.

In this regard, the stakeholders identified under the relevant laws shall carry out hazard identification, risk analysis, and implement preventive measures to eliminate the risk completely, if not, reduce the risk to an acceptable level in accordance with the regulatory framework. They are to remain vigilant and proactive at all times to avoid electrical hazards leading to accidents.



This short course is structured to introduce participants the importance of knowing the statutory duties about electrical safety that stakeholders such as employers, employees and occupiers, inter alia, shall comply with and accordingly, implement preventive measures to ensure that the electrical installations in service are designed, constructed and maintained appropriately to minimise the risk of electrical accidents, if not, eliminate the risk completely.



Overview of Electrical Safety

Laws and Regulation:

  • Electrical Fire

  • Electrical Shock and Electrocution

Preventive Measures

  • Court Case Studies


Target Audience

The one-day course will be useful to technical executives, supervisors, project and contract managers, project coordinators, contractors, company directors, developers, LEWs, safety practitioners, professional engineers and engineers who need to handle electrical safety matters in their works and projects, inter alia.


Course Outcome

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Be aware of the legislative requirements on electrical safety

  • Understand the need to take measures to prevent electrical incidents

  • Be familiar with the preventive measures as regards electrical safety

  • Be able to incorporate best practices in their daily work


Course Fees

SCAL Member Fee: $275.40

CIJC Member Fee: $324.00

Non-Member Fee: $324.00



Er HC Lim

BEng (EE), MSc (IE), LLB (Hons), BSc (Economics) Hons, P.Eng, C.Eng, Sr MIES, MIET, ACS, ACG is Principal Consultant of Pinnacle Engineering and Management Consultancy, a translator, an advisor for parties in adjudication as well as a certified ACTA trainer and assessor.

He also holds DipBA, SDipECT, SDipFMA, ADipMD, CDipAF and GCIA.

He was Director (Contracts) of the Network Development Division, SP PowerGrid before venturing into training and management consultancy services. He has had more than 30 years experience in the transmission and distribution network development, operations and maintenance, street lighting operations, management of safety and security units and support services for the company's operation.

In dispute resolution aspect, he is a SOP accredited adjudicator, a fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and an accredited mediator of SISV Panel of Mediators.

Course Duration

1.0 Day Course

  • Training Hours – 7.0 hours

  • Assessment Hours – 0 hours

Medium Of Instruction

  • English

Funding Information

This workshop is not eligible for funding.


SDU: 4 Units

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Electrical Safety and Preventive Measures



An e-Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participant who complete the course with 100% attendance. 



A notice of replacement / postponement together with the full particulars of the new participant (for replacement) must be given to us AT LEAST 3 working days before course commencement. A charge of S$50 (replacement) or S$100 (postponement) will be imposed on such changes. 



A notice of cancellation must be given at least 3 working days before commencement of the course and 50% of course fee will be charged /returned. If notice is given less than 3 working days before the first day of the course, there will be no refund/100% charged.


Special Class

Available upon request.


For more information, please contact Mr Law Jia Hao at 67939020 or email jiahao@scal-academy.com.sg

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