Applying bizSAFE CultureSAFE to battle Infectious Diseases

Using the Loss Causation Model and bizSAFE and CultureSAFE Programs to Contain Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases



bizSAFE and CultureSAFE are two key WSH programs that guide companies to implement risk management and nurture safety culture. Fundamental and key to the two programs is the Loss Causation Model attributable to Frank E. Bird Junior (1921 – 2007).

The outbreak of SARS in 2003 and COVID-19 from 2019 to 2022 has caused havoc around the World. Most of us, regardless of age and occupation, are trying to find ways to prevent ourselves and our families from getting infected. For the professionals, especially those who have experience SARS and Covid, are working hard to identify immediate, medium, and long-term solutions so as to help contain the risks of such an outbreak of infectious disease.

This short session will provide linkages between bizSAFE / CultureSAFE and the Loss Causation Model, and how this can help in the containment of outbreak of infectious diseases.



The objective of this session is to introduce the Loss Causation Model, apply it together with bizSAFE and CultureSAFE so as to identify practical solutions and control actions needed to contain the outbreak of infectious diseases.



  • Introduction

  • bizSAFE, CultureSAFE and Loss Causation Model

  • Using Hierarchy of Control to identify practical solutions and control measures


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Speaker Profile

Mr. Goh Chye Guan

Chye Guan has 38 years of wide-ranging experience both from the public and private sectors in the fields of workplace safety and health, loss control management, and public administration.

In his previous work at DNV (Net norske Veritas), Chye Guan was trained in the Loss Causation Model by Frank Bird from the DNV International Loss Control Institute. In 2003 when SARS broke out, Chye Guan and his partners in IRM developed and launched a course on “System to Abate Risk, Control and Eradicate Diseases” (SARCED in short). He subsequently joined WSH Council and applied the Loss Causation Model to design and develop bizSAFE. Visit Chye Guan’s LinkedIn profile for more information.



Course Duration

0.5 Day Course

  • Training Hours – 4.0 hours

Medium Of Instruction

  • English

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This webinar is not eligible for funding.



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ECO(SCS) Licence Renewal Course


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Applying bizSAFE / CultureSAFE to battle Infectious Diseases

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