Contract Administration for Contractors

Contract Administration for Contractors: Gain a Systematic Approach to Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution

Welcome to the Contract Administration for Contractors course, where you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of contract administration and dispute resolution in the construction industry. Whether you're new to the field or need a refresher, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the administrative requirements of contracts effectively. By adopting a systematic approach and utilizing guidelines and checklists, you'll be well-prepared to handle daily contract administration tasks. Join us and enhance your contract management skills today!


Course Objective:

  • Understand the administrative requirements of contracts.

  • Provide guidelines and checklists for effective contract administration.

  • Develop an organized and systematic approach to contract management.

  • Gain expertise in handling different forms of contract disputes.


Course Outline:

  1. Post-Contract Administration at Construction Stage: Learn the key activities and responsibilities involved in administering contracts after they have been awarded and throughout the construction phase.

  2. Pre-Contract Administration at Tender Stage: Explore the essential tasks and considerations for contract administration during the tendering process, ensuring a smooth transition from award to implementation.

  3. Extension of Time and Contractual Claims: Understand the concepts of extension of time and contractual claims, and learn how to effectively manage and resolve these issues to minimize disruptions and delays.

  4. Disputes and Dispute Resolution: Gain insights into contract disputes and the various methods of dispute resolution available, empowering you to handle conflicts efficiently and avoid costly legal disputes.

  5. Budgeting and Cost Control: Acquire knowledge of budgeting and cost control techniques specific to contract administration, enabling you to manage project finances effectively.

  6. Variations and Payments: Learn how to handle variations and payment processes within contracts, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and compliance with contractual obligations.


Target Audience:

This course is designed for:

  • Individuals interested in working-level contract administration.

  • New entrants to the industry seeking a solid foundation in contract management.

  • Professionals in need of refresher training to enhance their contract administration skills.


Why should you attend?

  • Gain an improved understanding of the administrative requirements of contracts.

  • Develop the ability to follow guidelines and checklists in a systematic and organized manner.

  • Enhance your familiarity with different forms of contract disputes and acquire strategies for effective resolution.

  • Expand your knowledge of budgeting and cost control techniques specific to contract administration.

  • Deepen your understanding of handling variations and payments within contracts.


Course Fees (Incl GST):

  • SCAL member: $572.40

  • CIJC member: $615.60

  • Non-member: $615.60


Trainer Profiles:


Velu is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of extensive experience in construction contract and commercial management. He possesses a wide range of expertise, including quantity surveying, contract administration, commercial management, and dispute resolution. With a background in working with developers, consultants, main contractors, and sub-contractors, Velu brings practical knowledge to the course. His familiarity with various forms of contracts, such as PSSCOC, SIA, REDAS, and FIDIC, adds valuable insights to the training.



Roy is a highly regarded contracts practitioner in the local construction industry, renowned for his profound knowledge and expertise in contract administration. With 23 years of experience in project management, commercial management, contractual matters, and dispute resolution for building and civil engineering projects, Roy is well-equipped to share practical insights and best practices. He emphasizes the importance of honoring contract terms and resolving disputes through negotiation.


Course Duration:

  • 2.0 Day Course

  • Training Hours: 15.0 hours

  • Assessment Hours: 0 hours


Medium Of Instruction:

  • The course will be conducted fully online

  • The course will be conducted in English.



  • PDU: 14 Units

  • CET: 15 Hours

  • CPAS: 15 Units


Course Duration

2.0 Day Course

  • Training Hours – 15.0 hours

Medium Of Instruction

  • English

Funding Information

This course is not eligible for funding.



PDU: 14 Units

CET: 15 Hours

CPAS: 15 Units


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Contract Administration For Contractors

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An e-Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participant who complete the course with 100% attendance. 



A notice of replacement / postponement together with the full particulars of the new participant (for replacement) must be given to us AT LEAST 3 working days before course commencement. A charge of S$50 (replacement) or S$100 (postponement) will be imposed on such changes. 



A notice of cancellation must be given at least 3 working days before commencement of the course and 50% of course fee will be charged /returned. If notice is given less than 3 working days before the first day of the course, there will be no refund/100% charged.


Special Class

Available upon request.


For more information, please contact Mr Law Jia Hao at 67939020 or email

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